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September 2017 Trivia Question

"While Service Programs are the basis of our organization, the reporting of service work is a 'Lifeline' which completes the Auxiliary's obligation to AMVETS.  The reporting of hours, monies, material, milage etc. carries out its _____, _____, _____ and helps to establish that ir is a _____-_____ _____.




​​MemberEligibility Criteria


AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Department of NY Binders are currently for sale.

Copy of the National Manual
Copy of the National Constitution
Copy of the Department By-laws and Standing Rules


Binders are available for purchase for only $30.Please contact President Laura Rose Bugaj or Parlimentarian Rosalee Waid for Details!!!                                    


                              FALL DEPARTMENT WIDE SERVICE PROJECT

Friends of Our Troops

Friends of Our Troops are a Not for Profit organization that has been in operation for 50 years.  They distribute cards and letters from the public to U.S. Military and Personal active overseas and in hospitals.

This year AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Department of NY will be writing Holiday Cards to be distributed through Friend of Our Troops.


On the inside of a holiday card, write a greeting and sign the letter from your Auxiliary (you may include your name as well if you’d like)
On the back of the card, include your Auxiliary’s address, as if you were addressing to top left corner of an envelope (if you have, you may also use pre-printed address labels)
Bring completed cards to the Fall SEC or mail to Laura Rose Bugaj, 53 Davey St, Buffalo, NY 14206.

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary

​Department of New York

I am Woman, I am Strong, I am a Veteran!

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​*   March 6-10, 2018  Spring NEC & Silver Helmet at BWI Marriott, MD 

*  March 23-24, 2018   Spring SEC at Hilton Double Tree Inn, Binghamton NY

​*   June 7-9, 2018  NY Annual Convention at Hilton Double Tree Inn, Binghamton, NY

​*   August 5-13, 2018  National Convention at Caribe-Royal Hotel, Orlando, FL

​*   October 5-6,2018  Fall SEC at Hilton Double Tree Inn, Binghamton, NY

​​​​​What is a Project?

A project is an ACTIVITY that is carried out for a known NEED and it BENEFITS the recipients or enhances a program.  ALL projects must have PRIOR​ approval by motion, second, and majority vote at a meeting.

​Service programs are divided into five categories:

Child Welfare--A project benefiting children ONLY

Community Service--A project benefiting adults only or adults & children

Hospital--Projects at VA hospitals, community hospitals, medically staffed nursing homes.

Americanism--Projects promoting patriotism & citizenship and/or to bring cheer to active military personnel

Scholarship--Promotes learning and higher education, providing funding to established scholarships, other assistance to encourage education



​Congratulations to Auxiliary 19 for Winning the 2017 AMVETS National Ladies Auxiliary Patriotic Vest Contest!"