Fall 2023 SEC

October 6-8th- Binghamton, NY

$130/ Night

Hilton.com Group Code AM9 or call 607-722-7575 mention "AMVETS"

Officer's Traning

Morning of October 6th, 2023

​(Officers may book a room for 10/5/23)



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AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary

​Department of New York

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​​AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Department of the New York

National Convention 2023


​​MemberEligibility Criteria


​​​​​What is a Project?

A project is an ACTIVITY that is carried out for a known NEED and it BENEFITS the recipients or enhances a program.  ALL projects must have PRIOR​ approval by motion, second, and majority vote at a meeting.

​Service programs are divided into five categories:

Child Welfare--A project benefiting children ONLY

Community Service--A project benefiting adults only or adults & children

Hospital--Projects at VA hospitals, community hospitals, medically staffed nursing homes.

Americanism--Projects promoting patriotism & citizenship and/or to bring cheer to active military personnel

Scholarship--Promotes learning and higher education, providing funding to established scholarships, other assistance to encourage education